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Linha Virtual was born in 2001 and since its foundation is based on innovation, without losing the practical sense, sparing no effort in the continuous improvement of our solutions, having as main objective the delivery of the best offers to our customers.

Our solutions meet the needs of each customer in a unique and personal way, because we believe that the various sectors of activity have their own management methods.

The organization of each company has unique characteristics, so we work solutions and think about the needs of each Client.

Since 1988, we have implemented systems and management software for small, medium and large companies, ensuring their maintenance, establishing close and transparent partnership with our customers, in order to always provide the best options regarding technology and services, allowing our customers to have time to focus on what really matters, their business.

Transparency in all processes and results.

 and rigor in everything we do.

 and Adaptation to the needs of our Clients.

 to Clients and Partners, always looking for innovative and useful solutions that contribute to the sustained progress of organizations.

 is the root of our mission, to know why and for whom we work.


Computer Hardware
Business solutions
Special Projects
Application for Incentives
Technical Support
Management Software
Web Design
Social Networking and Content Management
Hosting and Domain
Computer Equipment Rentals
Formation Rooms for Rental

IT Outsourcing Services and Technical Support, to companies that need technical assistance both in Portugal and abroad.

For more information, please contact us.


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